The Libra Foundation

2012 Fall General Grants (H-Z)

Indian Law Resource Center
$50,000  Helena, MT
For continued general operating support of the Center’s work using domestic and international legal and human rights mechanisms to protect the rights of Indian and Alaska Native tribes in the U.S. and throughout the Americas.

International Indian Treaty Council
$35,000  San Francisco, CA
For general operating support and capacity building for human rights advocacy training on behalf of Indigenous communities, with a special emphasis on the connection between Indigenous communities and the Human Rights at Home campaign.

National Advocates for Pregnant Women
$20,000  New York, NY
To expand the organization’s legal advocacy, organizing, and public education work that advances drug policy reform, reproductive justice, and other social justice movements in the protection of all women’s rights.

Physicians for Human Rights
$25,000  Cambridge, MA
For support of the organization’s “Anti-Torture” program to mobilize the skills and voices of the medical and health professional community to restore human rights values in U.S. anti-torture policy and practice, particularly in the context of national security.

The Rex Foundation
$20,000  San Francisco, CA
For the organization’s The World As It Could Be (WAICB) high school curriculum project in Bay Area schools and in other cities in order to expand awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

The Opportunity Agenda
$75,000  New York, NY
For general operating support to advance human rights by providing tools, training, and support to advocates who seek to protect the due process rights of immigrant and deliver on-going communications support to the U.S. human rights field through tools, training, and ongoing guidance.

National Economic and Social Rights Initiative
$60,000  New York, NY
For continued general operating support of the organization’s work to develop strategies, models and structures for grassroots activists and organizations working to affect positive social change using international human rights standards.

Pacific Forest Trust
$20,000  San Francisco, CA
For continued support of the Working Forests, Winning Climate project which uses regulatory frameworks and market-based incentives to promote forests as a viable part of reducing carbon and sustaining livelihoods.

Urban Justice Center
$25,000  New York, NY
To support the Human Rights Project, which works to improve the lives of people living in poverty -- particularly women, people of color, and immigrants -- by monitoring and advocating for government compliance with universal human rights standards, especially the human rights to employment, housing, health, food, education and other economic and social rights.

$50,000  Brooklyn, NY
For general support to advance WITNESS’ work to strengthen citizen journalists’ ability to document human rights abuses safely and effectively, focusing on their networked campaign partnerships, individual campaign partnerships, the Tools & Tactics Initiative, and the "Cameras Everywhere" Leadership Initiative.

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