The Libra Foundation

2014 Fall General Grants (A-G)
$30,000  Brooklyn, NY
For general support to continue building the climate movement through global grassroots organizing and communications in the U.S. and abroad.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus
$40,000  San Francisco, CA
For program support to employ a multi-pronged strategy of legal advocacy, community empowerment and impact work to address the issue of government surveillance, particularly in Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian communities as well as the issue of local police involvement in federal immigration enforcement.

As You Sow
$80,000  San Francisco, CA
For general support to promote environmental and corporate social responsibility through shareholder advocacy, coalition building and innovative legal strategies.

Center for Biological Diversity
$90,000 Tucson, AZ
For capacity building support and program support of the Climate Law Institute’s efforts to fight extreme fossil fuel development and advance implementation of existing laws to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as in support of CBD’s grassroots organizing and mobilization campaigns to empower communities and individuals and build movements to mitigate the impacts of climate change, protect species and habitat, and promote social justice and human rights.

Center for Neighborhood Technology
$75,000 Chicago, IL
For general support to engage in advocacy, public policy research, the creation of data and web tools and other innovations that promote a combination of economic development and environmental protection, targeting disadvantaged communities, at local, state and national levels. Additional capacity building support will develop and execute a new project management system.

Ceres, Inc.
$70,000  Boston, MA
For general and capacity building support to develop innovative strategies to provide critical information and increase pressure from investors on the SEC for climate disclosure press for the adoption of a stock exchange listing rule that will provide consistency on sustainability reporting throughout the world’s financial markets.

Children and Family Justice Center
$200,000 (over 2 years)  Chicago, IL
For continued support of the Illinois Coalition for Fair Sentencing of Children which seeks to end the practice of sentencing juveniles to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Climate Justice Alliance
$40,000 Oakland, CA
For general support of efforts to confront climate issues and create transformative social change by developing local campaigns in pilot site communities; building national infrastructure; advancing communications strategies; and hosting convenings of national leadership.

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
$30,000  Oakland, CA
For general support of the “Half the Sentence, Twice the Success” advocacy campaign to advance local, state, and national efforts linking drug sentencing reform with investment in community-based re-entry programs as well as to advance justice reinvestment, the reallocation of resources away from prisons and punishment and toward solutions that improve public health, safety, and prosperity for communities.

Environmental Health Coalition
$40,000  National City, CA
For project and capacity building support to advance integrated local, state and regional policies that protect environmental justice communities from the effects of climate change through the Climate Justice Campaign.

Environmental Law & Policy Center
$75,000  Chicago, IL
For general support to ELPC’s advocacy and litigation teams in their efforts to push policies that will grow energy efficiency and renewable energy, reduce dirty energy use and advocate for strong Clean-Air Act standards.

EarthRights International
$100,000 Washington, DC
For support of the Legal Program to engage in high-impact litigation against multi-national corporations to hold them accountable for human rights and environmental harms while also working to strengthen domestic and international corporate accountability laws.

Facing History and Ourselves
$60,000 Brookline, MA
For general support to further integrate a human rights lens throughout the organization.

Global Greengrants Fund
$100,000  Boulder, CO
For continued general support to the Campaign to Seed Change which empowers local environmental leaders to make small grants to grassroots groups in developing countries.

Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
$50,000  Boulder, CO
For general support to build frontline communities’ capacity to confront struggles against waste and pollution; build grassroots-up just transition movements and implement locally-rooted, inclusive zero waste solutions; and create a space for challenging policy and financial drivers that threaten people and the planet.

Grassroots International
$60,000  Boston, MA
For general support of movements of women, rural and indigenous people around the world in their struggle for resource rights—the human rights to a fair share of the earth’s land, water and food and the environmentally sustainable stewardship of these life-giving resources.

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