The Libra Foundation

2013 Spring General Grants (A-G)

ACLU Foundation
$75,000 New York, NY
To support the organization’s Human Rights Program which uses human rights to advance social justice issues such as racial justice, hyper-criminalization, over-incarceration, and government accountability.

Americans for Safe Access Foundation
$25,000 Washington, DC
For general operating support to promote safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.

Center for Constitutional Rights
$30,000 New York, NY
For continued support of the Global Detentions and Rendition Project, an amalgamation of litigation, education, outreach, organizing, legislative and international advocacy dedicated to restoring the writ of habeas corpus, eliminating the practices of extraordinary rendition and illegal detention, including an effort to close Guantanamo, and holding human rights violators accountable.

Center for Reproductive Rights
$50,000 New York, NY
To support the organization’s U.S. Legal Program in its efforts to use litigation, legislative and executive branch advocacy, field development and targeted communications to increase access to abortion and quality reproductive health care services, as well as to continue their social media campaign to raise awareness of and shift the dialogue on women’s reproductive rights.

Center for Women Policy Studies
$25,000 Washington, DC
To support programs that educate and engage women elected officials as public policy leaders on women’s human rights.

Chicago Foundation for Women
$65,000 Chicago, IL
For continued general operating support of advocacy, grantmaking, education and technical assistance programs and for the Catalyst Fund Matching Grant program which funds women-of-color led reproductive justice organizations.

Citizen Engagement Laboratory
$35,000 Berkeley, CA
For general operating support to advance human rights and social justice by increasing civic participation among under-organized constituencies, achieving concrete victories that serve the interests of those constituencies, and building sustainable bases of power for progressive change.

Drug Policy Alliance
$50,000 New York, NY
To support the organization’s National Criminal Justice Reform Campaign which works to diminish the role of criminalization in drug policy and build in its place an approach grounded in science, compassion, health, and human rights.

Fund for Global Human Rights
$120,000 (over 2 years) Washington, DC
For general operating support to strengthen grantmaking programs around the world and facilitate meaningful technical assistance to grassroots partners as they challenge abuses of power and work to build respect for human rights from the ground up.

Global Fund for Children
$50,000 Washington, DC
To support and strengthen grantee partners in the Safety Portfolio through investments in projects which promote and protect the rights of children and youth.

Global Fund for Women
$50,000 San Francisco, CA
For continued general operating support to sustain and expand investments in emerging women-led social change initiatives and strengthen the capacity of women's rights groups to achieve lasting social change.

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