The Libra Foundation

2016 Fall General Grants (H-Z)

Indian Law Resource Center
$60,000 (second installment of a two year grant), Helena, MT
For general support of ILRC’s work using domestic and international legal and human rights mechanisms to protect the rights of Native American tribes in the U.S. and throughout the Americas.

International Corporate Accountability Roundtable
$65,000, Washington, DC
For general support to improve enforcement of corporate liability for crimes associated with human rights abuse; reform federal procurement policies to require human rights performance as a criterion for contracting; and organize law school programs to research U.S. state laws to assist litigators in human rights cases.

International Indian Treaty Council
$50,000 per year for two years / $10,000 Standing Rock Support, San Francisco, CA
For general operating funding to support advocacy, training, capacity-building, legal/technical assistance and collaborative field-building towards a broad-based human rights movement in the U.S. and efforts to ensure sovereignty and self-determination of indigenous peoples and the recognition and protection of indigenous rights, treaties, traditional cultures and sacred lands. Additional support is provided to help IITC conduct training permanent residents on UN Observer and Testimony taking skills to aid the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Movement Generation
$80,000 per year for two years, Oakland, CA
For general support to equip urban communities of color to take leadership in constructing the just transition to equitable, sustainable and eco-literate economies in the 21st century by providing training and analysis to grassroots leaders, building strategic alignment and far-reaching campaigns amongst grassroots groups working in different communities and issue sectors around an ecological justice agenda, and providing action tools to construct community resilience.

National Advocates for Pregnant Women
$80,000 (second installment of a two year grant), New York, NY
For general operating support to expand the organization’s legal advocacy, organizing, and public education work that advances drug policy reform, reproductive justice, and other social justice movements in the protection of all women’s rights.

National Economic and Social Rights Initiative
$200,000 (second installment of a two year grant), New York, NY
For continued general support of the organization’s work in deep partnership with community groups across the country to advance campaigns for economic and social rights focused on strengthening public goods; building accountable and participatory systems for the protection of rights; and advancing equity and justice.

The Opportunity Agenda
$200,000 (second installment of a two year grant) / $25,000 one-time Capacity Building
New York, NY
For general support of their criminal justice and drug policy work to advance greater and more equal opportunity in our nation by working with the social justice and drug policy reform sector to better understand the public discourse, increasing the communications skills of social justice spokespeople, placing advocacy leaders in the media, elevating concrete solutions that further opportunity, engaging in rapid response communications, and leveraging cultural strategies. Additional capacity building support is provided to conduct an external evaluation of OA’s criminal justice initiative.

Our Children's Trust
$50,000, Eugene, OR
For general support to elevate the voice and rights of youth and future generations to secure legally binding science-based Climate Recovery Plans that return global atmospheric CO2 concentrations to below 350 ppm by the year 2100.

Pacific Forest Trust
$50,000 per year for two years, San Francisco, CA
For program support to pioneer a national model for leveraging nature to reverse Co2 emissions, mitigate climate change and to build a broad coalition to support these efforts.

Pesticide Action Network North America
$75,000 per year for two years, Oakland, CA
For general support of U.S.-based work to replace the use of hazardous pesticides with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives, promote agro-ecological approaches to farming, improve agricultural labor conditions, advocate for health-protective policies, and hold agrichemical corporations accountable for violations of human, community and environmental rights.

Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth
$50,000, Oakland, CA
For general support to further integrate restorative justice policies and practices in Oakland schools, pilot a youth-centered re-entry program, support communities in their capacity to utilize restorative justice practices, and launch a national truth and reconciliation project.

Transform Finance
$80,000 per year for two years, San Francisco, CA
For general support to place community engagement, accountability and social justice at the core of impact investing and provide trainings, convenings and advisory services to investors, entrepreneurs and communities to foster investment and enterprise models aligned with social justice values.

U.S. Human Rights Network
$100,000 per year fot two years / $10,000 one-time Capacity Building, Atlanta, GA
For general support of USHRN’s work to grow and strengthen the human rights movement in the United States by connecting and mobilizing communities to promote human rights, building the capacity of groups to use human rights standards and tools, raising awareness about human rights concerns in the United States, and facilitating collective action. An additional capacity building grant is provided to support the current leadership transition.

Washington Office on Latin America
$75,000 per year for two years / $10,000 one-time Capacity Building, Washington, DC
For project support to promote policy reforms to the War on Drugs, convene practitioners and evaluators from the United States and the Americas to assess how the new cannabis laws are being implemented, and make more advocates and policymakers in the Americas aware of alternatives to incarceration, sentencing reform, and drug policy reform. Additional capacity building support is provided to help WOLA better communicated the stories of the people most directly impacted by the War on Drugs and global drug trafficking.

$50,000 (second installment of a two year grant), Brooklyn, NY
For general support to advance WITNESS’ work to strengthen citizen journalists’ ability to document human rights abuses safely and effectively.

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