The Libra Foundation

2016 Spring General Grants (H-Z)

Immigrant Defense Project
$65,000, New York, NY
For general operating support to protect the human rights of immigrants who have had contact with the criminal justice system at each stage of their interaction with local, state and the federal government and to transform how the U.S. treats these immigrants to take into account their full dignity and rights.

International Development Exchange
$125,000 per year for two year, $12,500 Buen Vivir Fund, San Francisco, CA
For support of the organization’s rights-based grantmaking and efforts to stimulate innovation in grassroots funding and partnerships. An additional grant was awarded for support of the co-design process for the Buen Vivir Fund.

International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region
$50,000 New York, NY
For general operating support to expand advocacy initiatives that advance sexual and reproductive health and rights.

$45,000 Chapel Hill, NC
To support global advocacy initiatives around progressive abortion policies.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
$65,000 per year for two years Medford, MA
For general operating support to further the activity of the speakers bureau and end the devastation caused by the war on drugs.

Let’s Breakthrough
$100,000 (second installment of a three year grant), New York, NY
For general operating support to use new and creative technology and mainstream communications to produce and disseminate engaging media that will reach diverse audiences and mobilize popular support around women’s and human rights in the U.S. 

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)
$200,000 (second installment of a two year grant) Santa Cruz, CA
For program support to complete their FDA-approved Phase 2 and enter Phase 3 of their clinical study investigating the use of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in 24 veterans, police, and firefighters with work related, treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

National Immigrant Justice Center of Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights
$150,000 (second installment of a two year grant) Chicago, IL
For programmatic support to advance the human rights of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers through impact litigation, advocacy and by leveraging the Inter-American Commission to force the U.S. to uphold international human rights standards. 

Planned Parenthood of Illinois
$75,000 Chicago, IL
To expand grassroots organizing efforts to improve access to reproductive health care and leverage its direct service expertise to inform policies to advance women’s rights.

Physicians for Human Rights
$60,000 Program Support, $15,000 Capacity Building, New York, NY
For programmatic support to restore U.S. values to national security policies, end the use of torture, assist asylum seekers and uphold medical ethics as well as capacity building support to assist with the purchase and initial set-up of a new data management system.

The Roger Baldwin Foundation of the ACLU
$500,000 per year for two years, Chicago, IL
For continued programmatic support to defend against increasing attacks on reproductive rights and additional support for the institutional reform project.

Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law
$60,000 (second installment of a two year grant), Chicago, IL
For programmatic support of the Women’s Law and Policy Project and the Community Justice Project to advocate for laws and policies that effect low income women and girls and increase access to various services and supports for people with criminal records.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy
$50,000 General Operating, $25,000 Capacity Building Washington, D.C.
For general operating support to expand the international youth movement to end the war on drugs and capacity building support to hire a development consultant.

$65,000 Berkeley, CA
For program support for their Reproductive Rights Program, which runs timely grassroots actions and media campaigns to advance reproductive rights through public support, creates and disseminates educational materials about current policies effecting women, and tests innovative organizing strategies to build a stronger infrastructure for grassroots power.

Unite for Gender and Reproductive Equity
$65,000 General Operating, $20,000 Capacity Building Washington, D.C.
For general operating support to engage young people in advocacy at the local, state and national levels; frame dialogues and influence policy and/or culture change work around reproductive and sexual health issues; and build infrastructure and political power on the state level that can be activated for advocacy. Additional capacity building support is provided for targeted board development.

United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations
$40,000 General Operating, $7,000 Capacity Building Chicago, IL
For general operating support to host town hall meetings with residents, businesses, churches, community based organizations, and local legislators to discuss changes to tax credits for hiring ex-offenders and for capacity building support to advance their strategic planning process, which will determine the vision and direction of the organization for the next ten years.

Women’s Link Worldwide
$60,000 (second installment of a two year grant), Madrid, Spain
For general operating support of the organization’s efforts to advance women’s sexual and reproductive rights, to combat gender violence and discrimination and to promote gender equality through the development and strategic implementation of international human rights law.

The Working World
$100,000 New York, NY
For general operating support to build upon its model of providing economic rights through the expansion and growth of the financial cooperative and their Peer Network.

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