Welcome Letter from Crystal Hayling

I am excited to be working with a family that is committed to fighting for liberty and justice for all. That final phrase of the pledge reminds us that our nation was founded on our allegiance to one another. To the neighbors who speak our language and the neighbors newly arrived. To the communities thriving through innovation and communities still recovering from recession. To control of our own bodies, as well as support and care for one another.

The daily attacks on our civil liberties remind us that freedom is not free. Complacency has a high cost. And it is times like these when we need to join together to counter the crisis but also to celebrate our community.

As I step into the role as the Executive Director of the Libra Foundation, I am delighted and honored to be joining a community of more than 100 active grantees who are boldly fighting for a nation that demands diversity, embraces equity and recognizes our role as stewards of the planet’s bounty.

The Libra Foundation believes society’s systems and structures should foster the human rights innate in every person. That is our mission. Our goal is to deploy all of our resources—knowledge, access, philanthropic resources and investment capital—to build a more just and free society.

Join us. Hold us to it. Help us get better at it.

Together, we can make this vision reality.

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