The Libra Foundation: 2020 Staff Announcements

On December 7, The Libra Foundation announced promotions, role expansion, and new hiring on the team, taking effect during 2020. “The dedication and vision of the Libra team enable us to make a real difference to the communities we serve,” said Executive Director Crystal Hayling.  “I’m especially proud of my colleagues’ transformative work during the historic challenges of 2020.”

Here are the announcements:

  • maisha quint, who joined The Libra Foundation in July 2019 as Program Officer, was promoted to Senior Program Officer in October 2020. maisha manages the Criminal Justice and Social Justice portfolio and partners with grantees to move forward visions for transforming the criminal justice system.

  • Ashley Clark joined The Libra Foundation in March 2018 as Knowledge and Grants Manager. Ashley’s role expanded in June 2020 — she now administers grants management and also serves as liaison between finance, impact investment partners, and the Libra team – infusing Libra’s philosophy and values into investments and endowment.

  • Angie Chen joined The Libra Foundation in June 2018 as Senior Program Officer. Angie’s role expanded in June 2020 to Senior Program Officer and Community Engagement Director. Angie manages the Environmental and Climate Justice portfolio and partners with grantees to advance social justice and build community power. She also administers external communications and community programs that bring together grantees, funders, and partners.
  • Shauntel Murphy joined The Libra Foundation in May 2020 as the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director. Shauntel partners with Crystal by providing high-level administrative support, including management of meetings, projects, and processes.
  • Elissa Burke joined The Libra Foundation in March 2019 and split her time as Office Manager and Executive Assistant. Elissa’s role evolved to Office Manager in May 2020. This year, Elissa’s focus has been on navigating rapid changes and pivoting processes, tasks, modes of communication, and workspaces. Her role stretches beyond the office and into the digital realms, including setting up virtual systems to support remote employees and maintaining office culture remotely.

As 2020 draws to a close, the Libra team, like all of us, reflects upon the challenges, losses, and achievements that we have survived by the strength of our Libra community–our staff, trustees, and grantees. Thank you for your partnership.

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