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Going Upstream: Philanthropy’s Role in Advancing Justice

By Crystal Hayling, Executive Director of The Libra Foundation

This post is part of “Liberate Philanthropy,” a new blog series curated by Justice Funders to re-imagine and practice philanthropy free of its current constraints — the accumulation and privatization of wealth, and the centralization of power and control — to one that redistributes wealth, democratizes power and shifts economic control to communities. Throughout the series, we will be sharing stories from some of our most forward thinking, transformational leaders in philanthropy about how they are facilitating a Just Transition for philanthropy.

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Welcome Letter from Crystal Hayling

I am excited to be working with a family that is committed to fighting for liberty and justice for all. That final phrase of the pledge reminds us that our nation was founded on our allegiance to one another. To the neighbors who speak our language and the neighbors newly arrived. To the communities thriving through innovation and communities still recovering from recession. To control of our own bodies, as well as support and care for one another.

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