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We stand with you.

The Libra Foundation stands in solidarity with grantee partners and social justice funders who are responding to the COVID-19 crisis with bold, swift, and equitable action. Here, we are sharing some of the resources our team has received from our partners, including information for nonprofits seeking financial support, the philanthropic sector’s response, and a snapshot of Libra grantee relief efforts.

We want to be as helpful as we can, so please let us know if you have additions to this list at

Covid-19 Resources for Grantees

Financial information for nonprofits:

Philanthropic response & resources

Grantee Responses to COVID-19

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The Libra grantee community continues to disperse rapid response funds and engage mutual aid strategies, collaborating in coalitions and deep partnerships, and providing critical information so community voices are heard loud and clear. Learn more about these ongoing efforts below.

Relief Funds

Libra’s grantees are close to the ground, and therefore, they are in the best position to provide critical funds to their communities as they see fit. Here are some of their relief and rapid response efforts:

Actions, campaigns, & demands

Organizations must be funded to demand and closely monitor government and corporate accountability. These grassroots groups and campaigns are stewarding democracy and reigniting social justice in communities for years to come. 

Resource Hub

This is a list of toolkits, resource guides, and other useful information for organizers and communities to stay engaged, healthy, and safe during the pandemic.

Journalism & Reporting

This time calls for accurate and rigorous journalism that keeps people aware and safe. These organizations are performing thorough investigations that represent the myriad of ways communities are being affected by the virus. 

  • Reveal, from the Center of Investigative Reporting, reports on inequality during the Pandemic. Read and listen to their stories here
  • Updates on the coronavirus from the independent daily news program, Democracy Now!
  • Updates on the coronavirus from Mother Jones, the reader-supported investigative news organization.
  • Updates on the coronavirus from the Futuro Group, an independent nonprofit organization committed to producing ethical journalism from a POC perspective and representing the new American mainstream. .
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility (Los Angeles) Board Member, Dr. Hara walks us through a typical day at a COVID-19 testing site in Southern California.

COVID-19 & Black Lives Matter

Articles, news, and resources related to the intersection of the coronavirus and defunding the police.