photo of Danielle Weekes

Danielle Weekes

Communications & Engagement Managershe/her

Danielle envisions a future where safety and access to opportunity are not determined by one's proximity to wealth or whiteness. As a black girl growing up in Richmond, CA, Danielle witnessed the devastation caused by systemic inequality and the purposeful devaluation of her community and other communities of color. Another world is possible and Danielle believes revolutionary minds will take us there. 

“As funders, we not only have to trust frontline community leaders with the work and vision for their own communities, we must also call out and address the power imbalance that currently exists within philanthropy. I believe strongly in Libra’s mission to remove barriers to funds for mostly BIPOC-led organizations, striving for true partnership with grantees and leading the way for other funders” says Danielle. Uplifting and amplifying movement stories is at the center of her role as Communications and Engagement Manager.

Prior to joining the Libra Team, Danielle spent several years managing marketing, communications, and business development efforts within the legal sector. Danielle made the conscious decision to leave the legal industry to pursue work that aligned with her desire to live in a more equitable society. Most recently, Danielle worked with various nonprofit organizations and local political campaigns, eventually leading her to Libra. 

In her free time, Danielle sits on the board of The Pave Foundation, Inc. – a nonprofit dedicated to introducing girls of color to early STEM education. For relaxation, she loves hanging with family, reading, collecting quotes or binging the latest family crime drama. When possible, Danielle also enjoys attending homecomings at her alma mater of Hampton University, where she received her B.A. in Communications.