photo of Jenny Herrera

Jenny Herrera

Knowledge & Grants Managershe/her/ella

Growing up as a low-income Latina in the Bay Area, Jenny witnessed her family and community leverage one of the very few political tools available to them: their voice. No te dejes, they reminded her, as they advocated for cleaner air and safety in Richmond, California. Through their timid and broken English, Jenny observed how multiracial groups can come together to actualize their power. As a first-generation college (and high school) graduate, Jenny fights for a future that is against, what bell hooks calls, imperialist white-supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy (and cisnormativity). She longs for a world where bodily autonomy is not up for debate for women, trans/gender diverse people.


“Philanthropy can be a link in the long chain that makes up movements, but its onerous and burdensome requirements – along with its vestiges of white supremacy – make it hard to link to other parts. We can change that.'' says Jenny. That’s why she works to build and implement processes that are efficient, thoughtful, and weave equity into each stage of the grants management process. Jenny’s purview includes data management, for internal and external use, inquiries regarding grantees and stakeholders, and Libra’s payout budgets. 

 Jenny has a BA in Sociology and Philosophy from UC Davis. She has direct personal and professional experiences with Libra’s program areas and their intersections. At Harder+Company, she researched housing policy, health inequities, early education initiative programs, and the outcomes of diversion programs. At Impact Justice, she measured the effectiveness of numerous criminal justice reform initiatives. At UC Davis, she designed and led an award-winning primary research study on street harassment. At the Committee to Bridge the Gap, Jenny helped document pollution limit exceedances in Simi Valley’s Santa Susana Field Laboratory – advocating for toxic waste cleanup at the former nuclear facility. In 2022, Jenny will join Justice Funders as a board member and is looking forward to being published in the journal, Violence Against Women. She’s an alumna of Justice Funders’ Harmony Initiative.

Jenny is made up of Bay Area sunshine and fog. When she is not working, she can be found doing repairs, planting, decorating, bathing her dogs, organizing, and reading.