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Shauntel Murphy

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As soon as Shauntel could read, her mother, a minister, handed her a biography of Martin Luther King Jr., a text that would guide Shauntel throughout her life. At a young age, she grew to be protective and responsible for her sister and understood the sacrifices her mother made for their family. The matriarchs in Shauntel’s family instilled in her a great sense of empathy, justice, and service.  Alert to America’s temperature, this, at its core, is what drives Shauntel to support fierce leaders who are standing up for what’s right.

“My favorite aspect of my role at Libra is connecting all the dots on projects big and small, so that social movement leaders have more time to do what is needed for their communities,” says Shauntel. As an Executive Assistant, Shauntel gets to work with some of her hometown (San Francisco) heroes, as well as respected teachers and innovators across the country. She provides Crystal and the Libra team with masterful assistance – skillfully balancing the ins and outs of supporting the Executive Director.

Over the last 15 years, Shauntel has provided high-level support to Presidents and CEOs in academia and healthcare, including UC Berkeley, Ameriprise Financial, and Dignity Health, where she was honored by the Medical Executive Committee and received a “Recognition of Excellence Award.” Shauntel says working alongside so many changemakers has taught her to have “a keen eye, agile hands, and a humble heart.” Shauntel is a graduate of Solano Community Country and is currently enrolled in Post University's Business Program.

When she isn’t not working, Shauntel is working out! Living in San Francisco, she can be found walking along Ocean Beach, Golden Gate Park, Palace of Fine Arts or her neighborhood. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, sharing stories, and traveling.