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Transformative Philanthropy for Racial Justice

Stanford Social Innovation Review, by Crystal Hayling

In Transformative Philanthropy for Racial Justice, Crystal Hayling, executive director of The Libra Foundation, writes about the creation of the Democracy Frontlines Fund, the importance of funding bold, Black-led strategies that strengthen democracy and anti-racism, and the experience of bringing funders together to reimagine what’s possible in philanthropy.

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Centering Climate Giving in Frontline Communities

by Crystal Hayling and Angie Chen

It takes boldness to bring big change in philanthropy. Our colleagues at Donors of Color Network recently put that boldness into action by launching a national campaign calling on funders to commit to giving 30 percent of climate-related funding to BIPOC-led groups, and to speedily make their grantmaking more transparent. As their pledge states, this “is how we will win the existential battle for the planet that we are running out of time to save.” Our organization, The Libra Foundation, has signed on to this powerful pledge.

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Advancing Social Justice

The Libra Foundation supports social justice movements that focus on transforming the criminal justice system, environmental and climate justice, and gender justice.

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We believe that all people are born with equal and inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms, and have a right to live in a healthy environment and in peaceful, just, and equitable societies. Promoting these human rights is the highest purpose we can envision for the grantmaking of The Libra Foundation.