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A Year Ago, 12 Funders Committed to Support Racial Justice. Here’s What We’re Learning

Inside Philanthropy, by Crystal Hayling

In her latest article, Crystal Hayling, Executive Director of The Libra Foundation, shares the significance and impact of the Democracy Frontlines Fund funder learning community. DFF brought together 12 funders committed to supporting racial justice.
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How Funding Intermediaries Fuels Social Change

by Angie Chen

Movements for justice are inextricably linked. Some in philanthropy tend to put issues in boxes, but doing that can perpetuate false solutions and lift up some while hurting others. For generations, activists across issue areas have worked together in formal and informal networks and coalitions, in solidarity against structural oppression. The message funders are hearing from grantee partners is loud and clear: one, move money to groups led by and for people who are disproportionately harmed (mostly low-income communities of color), two, do so in trusting relationships, and three, cut all the unnecessary red tape, fast.

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Advancing Social Justice

The Libra Foundation supports social justice movements that focus on transforming the criminal justice system, environmental and climate justice, and gender justice.

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We believe that all people are born with equal and inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms, and have a right to live in a healthy environment and in peaceful, just, and equitable societies. Promoting these human rights is the highest purpose we can envision for the grantmaking of The Libra Foundation.