We believe in transparency. Take a look at the last three years of our 990s, learn more about the partnership we launched with Amalgamated Foundation, or check out the types of investments we’ve made that are aligned with the mission of Libra and our programmatic work.

Grantmaking Partner

As of September 2020, Libra has partnered with Amalgamated Foundation to create a donor advised fund (“DAF”), The Libra Foundation Fund, to help move grant dollars more quickly and efficiently to grantees. We do the majority of our grantmaking each year through the DAF, and it is our goal to get as close to spending all of the funds in the DAF each year as possible.


Mission matters. The Libra Foundation’s endowment of approximately $500 million is invested for impact by the Candide Group and Asset Consulting Group across a variety of asset classes. In addition to screening out industries that directly contribute to climate change and public health crises (such as oil, gas, tobacco and firearms), The Libra Foundation makes direct investments in businesses and social enterprises that are mission-driven: Aclima, bitwise, everytable, ultranauts and organically grown company.

We are also proud to invest in aligned strategies managed by firms such as Adasina Social Capital, Apis & Heritage Capital Partners, Collab Capital, and Nia Impact Capital.