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Lilia Granillo

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Lilia is a proud Tejana, who is grateful for the opportunity to work with individuals and organizations that highlight and celebrate the resilience of low-income and marginalized communities, like the one that raised her. The eldest of three sisters, Lilia grew up on the border with Mexico in El Paso, Texas, and experienced firsthand the need for social safety nets built upon the wisdom and experiences of the people they serve. Because she learned the importance and need to listen to her family and community, Lilia leads with curiosity, communication, and flexibility, and she hopes these values can spark the conversations and work needed to create a society where all people can contribute their strengths and brilliance.

“The organizations Libra partners with are building a future where all work is dignified work and the vulnerable are valued and deeply cared for, and it’s why I feel immense pride to be able to contribute to that work as a grants associate," says Lilia. Lilia is committed to ensuring the grants process goes as smoothly as possible for Libra’s grantee partners. In collaboration with her colleagues on the grants management and program teams, Lilia is supporting the needed infrastructure for the foundation’s trust-based philanthropy approach. She provides reliable and consistent service, rooted in the understanding that the key to working well together is building trust-based relationships.

Lilia has a BA in Political Science from Baylor University and has held positions with the El Paso Downtown Management District as well as with i.e. communications, supporting strategic messaging for various social justice organizations. From 2018-2021, Lilia was honored to serve as the chief financial officer of Oak Life Church, an Oakland-based LGBTQ+ affirming church rooted in community and devoted to creating a safe, welcoming, spiritual home for all.

Lilia loves to play guitar and sing, eat good food with good friends, be outdoors, shop at the farmer’s market, and seek as many opportunities as possible to use her Spanglish.