Our Grantees

At Libra, we fund a portfolio of organizations led by and for those most impacted by systemic injustice. Our grantee partners are made up of mostly grassroots organizations supporting communities who hold the vision and solutions needed to create a safer and more just world. We center and resource BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women and gender expansive people, low income, formerly incarcerated and other groups typically marginalized because we know that those closest to the issues are best situated to lead the efforts for change.

We support organizations that are working at the local, trans-local, statewide and national level, mostly within ecosystems of other grassroots formations that are doing organizing, advocacy and/or litigation work. It is within these ecosystems that we expand our funding through an invitation-only process.

It's always useful when funders make the implicit explicit by reminding folks [they] are available to be real partners in the work.

Meet Our Grantees

Explore the work of our current grantee partners.